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Pro-Grade 6-Ton Double Locking Jack Stands

Pro-Grade 6-Ton Double Locking Jack Stands

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Superior Build and Design:

  • High-Quality Ratchet Bar: Crafted from cast, ductile iron for maximum strength and reliability.
  • Sturdy Steel Base: A stamped steel base ensures durability, suitable for home, professional, and farm use.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Counterweighted pawls act as a secure locking mechanism to prevent accidental load disengagement.
  • Additional Pin Lock Support: Offers extra stability by locking the ratchet bar firmly in place.

Designed for Ease and Adjustability:

  • One-Piece, Multi-Position Bar: Allows for quick and secure adjustments to suit various work requirements.
  • Robust Load Capacity: Perfectly designed to support heavy loads with a 6-ton capacity.

Trusted by Users:

  • Highly Rated on Amazon: Over 3,000 ratings with an average of 4.8 stars, reflecting trust and satisfaction from a wide range of users.
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